3 frogs sitting on a log …


3 frogs sitting on a log — one decides to jump off, how many are still on the log? Answer? 3, because he didn’t actually jump.

There’s a big gap between strategy and execution. I have found that most organizations have strategies but few execute with excellence. On an individual employee level, I have found that most people know what they should do but few employees execute with excellence. Why is this, and what can we do to close the gap between thought and action?

Whether it’s a project, assignment or task I have found that four simple principles can help us master the science of the art of execution. These are (1) Clarify the Win (2) Identify the Milestones (3) Deal with the Difficult and (4) Stay Focused.

(1) Clarify the Win: Highly effective organizations, teams and individuals stay laser-focused on who their customers are, and how everyone wins from the products and/or services they provide.

(2) Identify the Milestones: Being clear on the timeline, the key players and anticipating different outcomes are of paramount importance to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

(3) Dealing with the Difficult: Roadblocks can stifle a project or key strategic initiative. Effective project management attempts to foresee any such issues and proactively solve them.

(4) Staying Focused: Effective project management focuses on the few vitals that must be done this week to keep on track.

These four principles sound like common-sense but they’re just not that commonly practiced.

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