You should smoke cigars!


It was the worst of times yet the best of times: I was serving as a Regional Director for 23 Hilton hotels in the United Kingdom. My wife and I had only been married for 5 years and we’d been blessed with two children since — a daughter of 3 years and a son of 2 years. I was working hard, very hard. “Crazy busy” was our mantra.

“You should smoke cigars” my boss said to me during my Annual Performance Review. I couldn’t believe my ears. Why would he say this? I didn’t smoke cigarettes let alone cigars. His answer was in response to my question. I had asked him how he stayed focused during the day and always seemed to take things in his stride. He explained how every couple of hours during the day, he would take a few minutes outside and smoke a cigarillo (a small cigar). He explained to me that this little ritual of his, helped him pause, think and go back refreshed.

As a result of his profound conversation, I certainly didn’t start smoking cigars but I did adopt the principle which he taught: to pause at regular moments throughout the day; clear the head and go back at it with gusto and verve.

As we start a brand new year of commerce, is this something you can adopt to help make your days more business and less busyness? What can you do, or what do you do, to help manage your energy throughout the day? If you supervise the work of others, what best practices can you suggest to each of them? Remember you’re charged with leading human resources to get maximum results for your organization. Managing the efficient use of inputs to yield effective outputs is part of your job description.

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