‘Tis the Season

october-color_nt’Tis the season of Goodwill although you could be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t, when you look around the stores and see people trampling over each other during Black Friday for the latest “Must Have” item. 

For this month’s newsletter we’re focusing on our ‘Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness’ program that’s within the ‘Managing Yourself’ category of our areas of speciality. If you were to ask me, what my Number 1 Top Tip would be concerning the subject of ‘Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness’ it would be simply this — to have a spirit of Goodwill ALL year round and not just at this time of year.

Goodwill is the intent to always see the best in others; look out for the interest of others and not just your own; forgive others of their shortcomings and be gracious at all times regardless of how you’re treated. The profound truth of this principle of human interaction is that by offering this grace to others, it naturally comes back to you. Psychologists call it the Law of Reciprocity. People of faith, call it the Golden Rule.

My observation has been that people who foster a spirit of Goodwill, make better leaders; more effective team members and can teach others a thing or two about customer service. Leadership, teamwork and a spirit to serve are just written into their DNA code.

What if this doesn’t come natural to me?” I hear some of you ask. Well, allow me to tell you first of all what not to do. Don’t keep repeating the same negative, ungrateful soundtrack. What do I mean? We have to watch what we tell ourselves. We have to mind our own language. I saw someone recently wearing a sweatshirt which said in big bold letters, ‘Grumpy’ and guess what?….Yep, he was a really grumpy looking dude. Last week, I was cut up on the freeway by a woman driving her two daughters to school and couldn’t help but notice her registration plate which read, ‘Two little spoilt Princesses and one stressed out Queen’ and…..yep, that’s kinda what the play looked like inside the family wagon. And my personal favorite a little while back was a sign I noticed on someone’s office desk that asked cynically, “Do I look like I care?” and I must say… they didn’t.

So, what’s one thing you can do if you’re not naturally someone who lives with a spirit of Goodwill? Well, I’ve observed how, by intently writing a list of all the things you’re grateful for, will suffocate ingratitude and spread Goodwill. I did this a few years back and now reflect on this for a few seconds each week when I prepare my weekly plan. I even add to the list as life marches on. We each have much to be grateful for, of that I’m sure.  Personally I am so grateful for my health, my marriage, our children, living in America, running our own business and for In-N-Out Burger.  I feel sorry for those who live in a State that doesn’t have In-N-Out Burger.

Talking of gratitude, I just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU at this special time of year, for signing up for our monthly newsletter and allowing us a minute or two each month to get inside your head and hopefully your heart. We’ve found over the years that if we can make someone FEEL something, they’ll THINK something, and if we can make them THINK something we can often encourage them to DO something differently. We spend so much time at work, why not go for greatness? Why not try and be the best version of yourself? Version 7 you could say…but not the Samsung 7, which interestingly I didn’t see anyone rushing for that puppy at Best Buy on Black Friday. Maybe they were holding back until Cyber Monday, or maybe not?

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