Work Life Integration

What used to be referred to as work-life balance is now work-life integration.Technology has been the primary driver that has blurred the lines between our “work life” and our “home life”. In a global economy, someone, somewhere is always working. Change is the only constant. People and organizations need to be more flexible in how work gets done, where it gets done and when it gets done. Developing a mind-set and a skill-set to work within this brave new world, is what we call work life integration.

Employees can become overwhelmed if they’re unsure of how their work connects with the organization’s overall mission. People can make an even greater contribution to the organization’s success, when they’re clear on their own vision for the foreseeable future. Someone’s personal brand can either be an asset or a liability to the overall organizational brand.

We believe that in today’s global economy, there’s an increased need for work life integration — where there’s clarity of mission, vision and values between employer and employee. Great organizations invest in work life integration to bring out the best of their people. By doing so, they become talent-magnets to high potential people, who are better able to manage themselves to create significant and sustainable results.

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