Crazy Busy

Is it me, or is the world going crazy…busy?

One of the phrases that seems to be becoming more and more popular is the response, “Crazy busy” when you ask someone how they’re doing; or how’s work or how’s the family. Technology is a wonderful invention and I’m sure all of us are grateful for the tools we now have at our fingertips to make both our work and our personal lives a little easier. Although these tools may make some aspects of our lives easier are they actually helping us be more effective? People seem more distracted; more fragmented and more stressed than ever before. Few people seem to be truly joyful in their personal lives. Even fewer people seem to be on top of their work tasks and always seem to be scrambling; always running late and working longer hours than ever. See, technology just makes everything faster.

I have found that people who are truly effective invest the time to define the roles they have in life; they identify their highest priorities within these roles and then they plan weekly and daily to achieve these goals. They maintain a balance between responsibilities at work and commitments at home by managing their energy throughout the day and intentionally work on skills and techniques to master email, the use of phones, interruptions, procrastination and meetings. Conversely I’ve noticed those people who respond “Crazy busy” when you ask how they’re doing; or how’s work or how’s the family are the inverse of what I described above. It’s as if they get their identity from their busyness. I always get the sense, some people prefer to keep just running and running even faster, than pause and think about where they’re heading.

I encourage all of us, me included as we wrap up 2017 to invest some time and quietly consider our roles, priorities and goals for 2018. Make this the year you master the common time challenges at work such as email, phones, interruptions, procrastination and meetings. Feel free to email me ( if you’d like a copy of the best practices we’ve picked up over the years from the over 200 Clients we serve around the globe — there maybe a handful of new ideas on that list that could make all the difference for you in 2018 and beyond.

One of the areas Newleaf Training and Development specialize in is teaching Time Management.

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