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At Newleaf Training and Development we have the background, skills and ability to work with people on a one-to-one basis to help them make their best contribution in the workplace.

We specialize in helping people manage themselves, lead others and build business financial intelligence. Most of our coaching assignments have been in the areas of communication skills, leadership development, time management, and improving business acumen.

Each person that we coach is of course unique and has their own specific challenge to address in their world of work. Our coaching is, therefore, highly customized to the individual.

We can either conduct the coaching work on-site at the person’s place of work or, if privacy is an issue, we can arrange it to be delivered at our offices or some other mutually convenient location. When distance is an issue, we also offer coaching by video conference such as Zoom. With your permission we can also record the video conference so you can revisit the discussions later to help with application of the learning points we discussed.

Depending on the specific coaching need, we may recommend a behavioral-assessment tool such as MBTI, DiSC, SDI, TKI or even a 360 degree assessment tool such as the DiSC 363 or our own proprietary Newleaf 360.

see the attached PDF for further details of options.

We have found that most of our coaching assignments can be successfully completed for you within 4-5 sessions of about 2 hours per session.

Remote coaching is available at the following rates:

$110 for 30 minutes
$180 for 60 minutes
$250 for 90 minutes


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