Attracting and Retaining Talent

Global Education Publishing Company

The Challenge – This publisher needed to produce digital learning opportunities for a team of global hiring managers to ensure recruitment practices were consistent across the organization. A lack of training for recruiters had led to challenges in attracting and retaining talent..

Our Solution – We worked closely with the project steering committee to conduct a training-needs analysis to identify the root cause of the problem and propose a curriculum that would address the hiring inconsistencies. Working with internal subject-matter experts, we created a series of new training opportunities, including self-paced e-learning modules and live webinars with accompanying facilitation guides.  

Corporate branding guidelines that were fully incorporated into each of the project deliverables have now been distributed to and accessed by hundreds of hiring managers around the world. The project has resulted in a consistently high-quality recruitment process for all candidates for all positions across the organization, as well an improved net promotor score (NPS) with applicants regardless of whether they were hired or not. branding guidelines that were fully incorporated into each of