Customer Service

Manufacturer of Custom Bathtubs, Spas and Accessories

The Challenge – This manufacturer needed to train sales representatives with the necessary skills to enhance customer experience. The training needed to be accessible outside of a classroom setting.

Our Solution – We designed four modules customized to the specific needs of the client. These modules were interactive, visually engaging, and highly relevant to the trainees. They covered the topics “Why Some Customers Don’t Return,” “Resolving the Root Issue,” “Serving Difficult Customers,” and “Personalizing the Organizational Brand.”

Employees were required to complete the e-learning modules prior to attending a one-hour “lunch and learn” seminar in which our facilitator reviewed the covered concepts with the employees and facilitated discussions on the practical application of the concepts in day-to-day working activities.

We also conducted several surveys, including an employee survey to measure perception of customer satisfaction, as well as a survey of nearly 1,500 customers. By the client’s own measurements, customer satisfaction increased from 62 percent to 93 percent within three months of the completed training, employee morale increased, and employee attrition decreased.