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The Challenge – When Adobe announced it would no longer support the Flash Player plug-in beginning in 2020, it became necessary to convert eleven sixty-minute e-learning modules to HTML5. Demand for these modules had increased in recent years, but for users to access the course, the e-learning modules would need to be re-developed. Additionally, the then ten-year-old e-learning content and user experience had become dated.

Our Solution – We worked closely with the organization’s subject-matter experts to revise the e-learning content, re-develop existing storyboards, and re-produce content in HTML5. All eleven modules are now fully responsive and 508 compliant, using professional voice-over and closed captions. They are consistent with updated brand guidelines and include a customized navigation bar as well as customized characters and animations. In addition, we designed engaging scenarios and included course branching to ensure a truly personalized learning experience.