Leadership and Management Development

Leading Community College in California

The Challenge – This community college needed to reinforce the key learning objectives of a two-day in-person professional development conference at regular intervals following the training event.

Our Solution – We created a series of short five- to seven-minute e-learning modules that revisited the main topics of the conference, including “Institutional Impact,” “Team Excellence,” “Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness,” “Positively Reducing Conflict,” and “Work/Life Balance.”

We worked closely with the project steering committee to agree on scripting, produce detailed storyboards, and develop highly engaging e-learning modules. Each module included the main highlights from the training and a call to action to encourage attendees to implement these important skills in the workplace.

In addition to communicating about access to these modules on a regular basis, the college has subsequently created an intranet site focused on e-learning. Leaders can access the modules and use them as a basis for discussion and ongoing training opportunities, particularly with new hires.