Charting the Course: Mission, Vision, and Values 

This keynote is designed to serve as the central program of a strategic retreat. Completely tailored to your needs, this address will help you bring out the best in your team through a series of purposeful participatory exercises.

The keynote will help answer these essential questions:

  • What are your goals for the foreseeable future? Where do you want to go, and by when?
  • How well do you understand whom you serve and what drives your customers’ behavior?
  • What are the non-negotiable values within your team that underly the mission, vision, and values of the organization?
  • What conditions need to exist for your people to excel at serving your internal and external customers exceptionally?
  • How do you, as the senior leadership, enable greatness within your team? What is your personal contribution?
  • How do you know what drives value within your part of the organization? What are the metrics that monitor your team’s ultimate success?