There are many truly outstanding keynote speakers who can share an inspiring story, but it can be hard for an audience to wrestle what are often obscure and abstract concepts into the real world of work. At Newleaf, we match the inspiration of the world’s best keynote speakers while, more importantly, speaking plainly and simply in ways employees can immediately apply on the job.

We can serve your organization or conference with keynotes delivered by experienced speakers who are passionate about their subject areas. Each keynote is customized to your specific needs and can be tailored to your available time. Most of our clients schedule us for a forty-five- or ninety-minute presentations.

Below is a list of our most popular keynotes, which are all completely customizable. If your desired subject area is not listed, let us know—our speakers are masters of creating a keynote address to specifically serve your needs.

Business Financial Intelligence: A Mindset and Skillset Few People Have and All Organizations Need

Charting the Course: Mission, Vision, and Values

Customer-Centered Service: Creating and Keeping Raving Fans

Leading Others: Why Character and Competence Are So Important

Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness: Managing Yourself to Influence Others

Team Excellence: The Root, Branches, and Natural Fruit of Excellent Teams

Time Management: Practical Solutions to the Five Most Common Time-Challengers

Work-Life Balance 2.0: Learning to Create More Balance to Get Better Results