At Newleaf Training and Development we're able to create, customize and deliver effective online learning solutions for your organization through On-Demand eLearning, Client-Specific Webinars and Online Seminars. See below for further details and examples of how we can help you.

On-Demand eLearning:

We have the necessary instructional design experience to be able to partner with your organization to create completely original content, tailored specifically to your brand, culture and values.

Our Digital Learning Designers have developed engaging content for clients using a wide range of authoring tools and design software including Articulate, Captivate, Camtasia, Gomo, and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Here are six examples of recent On-Demand eLearning projects we've completed on-time and on-budget for some of our clients ...

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Through On-Demand eLearning we can help:
  • improve employee engagement by creating learning that's accessible on any device
  • allow employees to access anytime they choose
  • enable employees to be able to access learning from anywhere
We're able to partner with your organization to:
  • digitalize live, instructor-led training for On-Demand access
  • create engaging simulations relevant to the real-world of work
  • develop SCORM compliant eLearning
  • establish a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver, track, report and certify training
  • deliver responsive mLearning and Microlearning
  • bring your training to life through engaging Gamification elements including badges, rewards and leaderboards
  • create flipped-learning (e.g. using short On-Demand eLearning modules as a pre or post activity to in-person instruction)
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Client-Specific Webinars:

These webinars are uniquely designed by us for your organization and are completely tailored to your needs. We will partner with you to design a highly engaging webinar experience for your intended audience.

Examples of recently created Client-Specific Webinars include:

    • 120 minutes webinar to serve as an architecture to debrief earnings calls for a global, publicly-traded organization
    • 90 minutes webinar to communicate member benefits for one of the world's largest timeshare programs
    • 45 minutes webinar to help hiring managers attract and retain talented employees in a competitive marketplace
    • partnered with professional membership organizations to provide learning and development webinars
    • proven ability to redesign existing onsite instructor-led training (ILT) into virtual instructor-led training (VILT)
Through Client-Specific Webinars we can:
    • ensure the webinar is accessible on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices
    • ensure a quality recording for your future use
    • create polls, chats and virtual breakout rooms
    • create a facilitation guide, participant workbook and slide deck for your future use
to discuss how we could best serve your organization with Client-Specific Webinars.

Newleaf Training and Development are experienced in designing and delivering webinars on all major platforms such as Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx, GoToWebinar and Zoom.


Online Seminars:

Each of our onsite seminars (meaning participants are in one location) can be offered online, (meaning participants can access the live learning remotely) as we can deliver our seminars on all major webinar platforms.

Our half-day seminars can be offered as 2 x 75min webinars, on the same or different days. Our full-day seminars can be offered as 3 x 90min webinars, on the same or different days.

Online seminars of course, have the advantage of eliminating the associated travel costs and allows a more condensed learning timeframe due to the changes within the instructional design.

  • Live facilitation
  • Highly interactive
  • Accessible on all mobile and tablet devices
  • Recordable for future use
  • Polls, chats and collaborative virtual breakout rooms

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Here's a short video from our Adobe Connect partner which summarizes some of the best practices of creating and delivering an effective online learning experience. In addition, this video summarizes one of the outstanding features we like about this particular platform:

If you or someone you know could do with improving their webinar facilitation skills, feel free to check out the recorded version of a professional development webinar we conducted recently to help people in this area ...

Are you interested in attending our next Webinar Facilitation Skills as a live webinar in May 2021? 
If so, you can register here on our events page ...


Online Conference Management & Hosting:

Is your organization planning on hosting an online conference and you're concerned you don't have the necessary skills, experience or time to make it all happen seamlessly? Look no further — Newleaf Training and Development can project-manage all the arrangements for you and if necessary, one of our amazing facilitators can also serve as an online conference host for you.

Don't you have enough to do already without having to plan an online conference, not to mention worrying about whether it will all go well on the day?

Here at Newleaf, we have plenty of experience planning and delivering online events across all the major platforms such as: Zoom Pro, Adobe Connect, WebEx and GoToMeeting.

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