seminar full day onsite / 3 x 90 minutes online

emotional INTELLIGENCE (eq) for managers

Managers with high emotional intelligence (EQ) combined with a high general intelligence (IQ) tend to 
lead people better
to achieve  organizational results.

Incorporating an understanding of EQ into your workplace can improve management effectiveness, increase teamwork, and positively impact key measures.

More and more organizations are discovering that management EQ is a vital component of success. Managers with high EQ understand the importance of communicating effectively with staff members and treating each employee with respect while remaining laser focused on the organization’s desired results. In short, they know how to bring out the best in people.

This seminar includes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) behavioral assessment to help your leaders better understand how to manage themselves and influence others.

Here’s a summary of our emotional Intelligence (EQ) for managers program. Contact us if you’d like to see a detailed curriculum overview.


What is the fundamental principle that underpins this program?
  • People with high EQ make better managers.


during the program, participants will …
  • Realize EQ is as important as IQ for managers.
  • Understand the components of EQ.
  • Complete a Myers-Briggs assessment to learn to better manage self and influence others.

Behavior & Results

during the program, participants will …
  • Work through a series of activities to practically utilize EQ within the workplace.
  • Apply learned knowledge about EQ to better lead diverse work teams.
  • Discuss the attributes of emotionally intelligent managers and make an action plan.