seminar full day onsite / 3 x 90 minutes online

presentation and facilitation skills

This program is ideal for anyone –in a position of influence who needs to  communication effectively.

Very few people have been trained in how to present well or how to facilitate a meeting. This is evident when audience members recall very little of what a presenter actually said and when employees complain about ineffective meetings, poorly facilitated.

Participants in this program will understand the vital importance of body language, tone, and word choice when conveying a message. They’ll practice using tools that work in the real world and apply them to assist with planning and structuring presentations, as well as opening and closing them.

Participants will also discuss and apply proven methods for running a meeting effectively and practice how to positively contribute to a meeting that someone else is running.

Through role-play and real-world examples, participants will be inspired to implement what they’ve learned, providing immediate benefits to themselves and their organizations.

We have two versions of this program—one to help with onsite, in-person skills and one to help with online skills.

Here’s a summary of our presentation and facilitation skills program. Contact us if you’d like to see a detailed curriculum overview.


What is the fundamental principle that underpins this program?
  • People are inspired by effective presenters and aided by good facilitators.


during the program, participants will …
  • Recognize the different elements of communication when presenting or facilitating.
  • Appreciate the impact of their body language when they communicate.
  • See the negative impact that a presenter’s nerves can have on the listener.

Behavior & Results

during the program, participants will …
  • Practice giving a presentation and receive feedback at least twice.
  • Receive input to help structure a meeting to enhance outcomes.
  • Discuss and apply techniques to avoid common pitfalls when presenting or facilitating.