seminar half-day onsite / 2 x 75-minutes online


Time management is still one of the most Googled professional development subjects today. Wouldn’t you think with all this technology and these planning systems, we would have mastered the art of managing time by now? It seems not.

In this busy world of increasing noise, it’s vital that we’re clear on our highest priorities and that we manage our energy – that we plan weekly  and prioritize daily.

We must execute best practices consistently to better manage emails, phones, and interruptions, overcome procrastination, and be able to run and contribute to effective meetings. In short, we need to be more focused than ever.

This seminar is based on common-sense approaches to common time-management problems—methods that really work in today’s workplace. Participants will review case studies that amplify the dramatic impact of not managing time well and the whole-life benefits of good time management.

Here’s a summary of our time management program. Contact us if you’d like to see a detailed curriculum overview.


What is the fundamental principle that underpins this program?
  • Time is a precious resource, so let’s ensure we use it wisely.


during the program, participants will …
  • See there are two types of time challenges—people and processes.
  • Understand the goal with people is to build trust.
  • Understand the goal with processes is to reduce time safely and without impacting quality.

Behavior & Results

during the program, participants will …
  • Categorize time management issues as people-based or process-based.
  • Learn how to plan weekly and execute daily and manage energy through the day.
  • Commit to best practices for email, phones, interruptions, procrastination, and meetings.