seminar half-day onsite / 2 x 75-minutes online

WORK-life balance 2.0

Let’s be blunt—traditional work-life balance training is a difficult proposition for executives. It often sounds like personal enrichment that will get in the way of daily duties.

But balance is vital. Talented individuals don’t want to work for or with people who lack balance. There’s a war for talent, and top organizations understand it’s imperative to create policies, procedures, and best practices to build a reputation of being a great place to work.

At Newleaf we believe we have an innovative view on work-life balance, which we call Work-Life Balance 2.0a mindset and skillset that better aligns with today’s fast-moving workplace.

Work-Life Balance 2.0 is not so much about you as about others. It’s about how lack of balance can adversely impact organizational results, relationships with colleagues, and ultimately the customer. We owe it to others to ensure we’re energized, present, and fully engaged—an inside out approach.

Here’s a summary of our WORK-life balance 2.0 program. Contact us if you’d like to see a detailed curriculum overview.


What is the fundamental principle that underpins this program?
  • People don’t like to work with or for those who lack focus.


during the program, participants will …
  • Understand the difference between work-life balance and work-life integration.
  • Appreciate that they must take time to refresh and renew to keep getting great results.
  • See how unhealthy stress can impact self, others, and the organization overall.

Behavior & Results

during the program, participants will …
  • Identify proven methodologies to help improve work-life balance.
  • Define personal brands to better serve those they work with and for.
  • Discuss and commit to specific behaviors to reduce stress and its associated costs.