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Our seminars are all modular by design. They are highly customizable to suit your exact needs. We partner closely with you to completely understand your desired outcomes. We invest the time to ensure we understand your organization and tailor the pre-work, seminar and post-work to get you the results you want.

Each of our seminars are offered onsite, (meaning your Participants are in one location) or online, (meaning your Participants can access the live learning remotely, using the outstanding Adobe Connect platform).  Here's a quick comparison:


Half-day seminar (230 minutes net of break)
Full-day seminar (400 minutes net of breaks)
Recommended 25 participants maximum


2 x 75 minute webinars
3 x 90 minute webinars
Can host up to 100 Participants

Onsite offers the advantages of having all your Participants together in one location with the creative benefits that can occur from such a learning environment.

Online of course, has the advantage of eliminating the associated travel costs and allows a more condensed learning timeframe due to the changes within the instructional design.  The online sessions can either be on the same day or spaced over different days.

Many of our clients ask us to contribute to their in-house management or leadership academies with our seminars. We can tailor our seminar modules and length to suit your exact needs. We are also able to offer train-the-trainer solutions.

We believe that over and above technical or functional expertise, there are three vital areas where people need to enhance their skills in today’s highly competitive workplace. Our seminars align with these three vital areas:

  • Managing Yourself
  • Leading Others
  • Business Financial Intelligence

Managing Yourself

Customer Centered Service
Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness
Positively Reducing Conflict
Time Management
Work Life Balance 2.0

Leading Others

Art of Execution
Attracting and Retaining Talent
Charting the Course
DiSC® - Team Dynamics
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Managers
Leading Others
Presentation and Facilitation Skills
Supervisory Management Skills
Team Excellence

Business Financial Intelligence

Business Financial Intelligence

We have listed below our seminars in alphabetical order. Click on the link to find more information.

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Technology makes everything faster. Change seems to be the only constant. Individuals and teams have to do more with less.

The Art of Execution will help you navigate effectively through today’s whirlwind to consistently get things done, through and with people regardless of explicit or implicit authority.

The core of the program is focused on four benefits:

  1. Clarify the Win: Highly effective organizations, teams and individuals stay laser-focused on who their customers are, and how everyone wins from the products and/or services they provide.
  2. Identify the Milestones: Being clear on the timeline, the key players and anticipating different outcomes are of paramount importance to ensure projects, assignments and tasks are completed on time and on budget.
  3. Dealing with the Difficult: Roadblocks can stifle a project or key strategic initiative. Effective project management attempts to foresee any such issues and proactively solve them.
  4. Staying Focused: Effective project management focuses on the few vitals that must be done this week to keep on track.
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It’s never been as vitally important as it is now, that organizations are able to attract, onboard and retain talented employees. High potential employees have plenty of choices in today’s workplace and will choose where to take their talent. 

Talented employees are attracted to organizations who are clear on their mission; who operate to a set of noble, honorable values and, are able to tell their story to engage the hearts and minds of such high potential people.

During this seminar, Participants will explore their Employer’s Value Proposition (EVP). In addition, behavioral-based interviewing is discussed and role-played. Best practices are identified with regards effective on-boarding strategies and how to create a collaborative career-map to fully engage high potential employees to not only, achieve excellence in their present role but vision-casting forward into the future.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, people truly are the differentiator and being able to attract, effectively onboard and retain talented employees can make all the difference.

Participants leave this seminar with a clear implementation plan on what they can do to improve their organization’s ability to attract and retain talented employees.

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Imagine a business where everyone understands how their daily activities contribute to the performance of the organization. Imagine a business where everyone acts as if they own the business — what would that do to profits? Investing in the financial intelligence of your employees will help significantly and sustainably improve business results.

This seminar has proved to be tremendously valuable to senior management, sales and operational staff at all levels. In fact, if you think about it, every employee has an effect on business results!

Completely tailored to your business, this program helps people to better understand the language of business, and how their daily activities impact the organization’s money-making model and what they can do to improve results. The program can also help demystify the Annual Report and how to better interpret earnings calls if the company is publicly traded.

Leading companies know that Business Financial Intelligence helps build a positive culture of “a business within a business.” Communicate everything you can to your employees — once they care, there’s no stopping them!

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This seminar serves as an effective architecture to facilitate your strategic retreat. Highly effective work teams are clear on how they align with the overall organizational strategy and have a reputation for getting the right things done on time, on budget, and on point.

Can you confidently say that your team has absolute clarity on its desired goals for the foreseeable future? Have you invested the time to deeply consider who you serve and what drives their behavior? What are the non-negotiable values within your team that in turn supports the mission, vision and values of the overall organization?

What conditions need to exist for your people to soar at serving your internal and external clients exceptionally well? How do you, as the senior leadership, enable greatness within your team? How do you know what drives value within your part of the organization — what do you measure to help monitor your team’s success?

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Successful organizations know that customer satisfaction is just the entry point in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Beyond just satisfying both external and internal customers, it is imperative that they’re delighted and that expectations are exceeded.

This seminar consists of practical tools that can be implemented immediately in the workplace to help significantly and sustainably improve external and internal customer service.

The program presents, in an engaging and highly participative manner, what can be learned and applied from organizations that excel in customer service.

Through inspiring stories and real-world scenarios, your people will be enthused and highly motivated to approach their role in customer service with a renewed energy, heartfelt emotion and spirit.

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DiSC® — Team Dynamics is a professional development and personalized learning experience that benefits every person in the organization in building more productive and effective relationships at work. It teaches participants to understand themselves and others, while learning to appreciate different priorities, preferences, and values each individual brings to the workplace. With personalized insights and actionable strategies, participants learn how to adapt to the style of others, ultimately improving engagement, collaboration, and the overall quality of the workplace.

The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile provides participants with valuable insights that unlock engagement and inspire effective collaboration. In this personalized profile, participants will explore the priorities that drive their behavior, learn what comes naturally and what might be challenging when interacting with others, and gain actionable strategies to strengthen their interpersonal interactions at all levels in the workplace.

Using dynamic facilitated activities, participants walk away from the seminar with a deeper understanding of their personalized profile and a memorable experience that inspires lasting behavior change that understands, appreciates and adapts to the various styles.

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Managers with high emotional intelligence (EQ) combined with a high IQ tend to lead people better to achieve organizational results.

Incorporating an understanding of EQ into your workplace can improve management effectiveness, increase teamwork and have a positive impact on key measures. More and more, organizations are discovering that emotional intelligence skills in managers are a vital component of their organization’s success. Great managers know how to bring out the best of people — EQ is a vital part of that skill set.

Managers who possess high EQ approach supervisory responsibilities from a different perspective. They understand the importance of communicating effectively with staff members, and treating each employee with respect while remaining laser-focused on the organization’s desired results.

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This seminar presents a compelling new way of looking at the role of today’s leaders as one of support rather than one of control. Effective leaders ensure they manage themselves before they try to influence others. Great leaders are men and women of high character and high competence.

This program includes a thorough self-assessment to establish how well the participant presently manages themselves and influences others.

Through real-life examples, powerful case studies, participative exercises and an action-orientated format, participants apply proven leadership principles and character-based methods to bring out the very best in the people they lead.

Never before in the history of our working lives has the call for excellent leadership been as strong as it is now. This seminar will significantly and sustainably help inspire your present and future leaders to achieve excellent results.

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Effective organizations are really just a collection of effective teams which in turn are represented by effective individuals. The evidence is overwhelming — organizations that help develop the personal and interpersonal effectiveness of their employees are the same organizations that benefit from extraordinary results, successful projects, excellent teams and character-based leaders.

This seminar consists of a series of highly engaging and purposeful exercises to help participants see, how what they say and do, affects not only their own level of workplace performance but can have a positive or a negative influence on those they work with.

Our clients consistently tell us that this program helps them see how the choices and decisions they make throughout every working day can help better serve themselves, their co-workers, their teams, and their customers.

Remember: Effective organizations begin with effective individuals.

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Successful organizations know that negative conflict within an organization creates morale problems, slowdowns in work and employee dissatisfaction. Often, conflict in the workplace arises as a result of differences in personalities and approaches to solving problems and accomplishing goals.

In this highly practical seminar, participants gain a deeper understanding of their own behavioral tendencies in times of conflict through the use of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) — perhaps the most robust self-assessment in this field. This tool helps people become more aware of their own personality traits and preferences, and enables them to more easily view the traits and preferences of others they work with. Mutual understanding, along with the development of empathy for one another, is absolutely key to effective relationships that continue to yield outstanding organizational results in today’s demanding, fast-moving and highly diverse workplace.

Everyone is needed — analytical thinkers, creative thinkers, people who hone in on the details and people who stand back to see the big picture. When people truly comprehend their differences need not lead to conflict and that not all conflict is bad… the workplace can yield greater creativity and collegiality. Participants often mention their relationships outside of work were also improved by applying the lessons learned from this seminar!

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In today’s fast-moving, technologically-driven world, the need for exemplary presentation and facilitation skills are of paramount importance. People make decisions fast and therefore the ability of being able to get your point across, draw people into your vision, and give clarity of direction is an art as well as a science.

This seminar is ideal for anyone who needs to communicate effectively in today’s working world.  Specifically this program can significantly help those in sales-based roles; staff working within development and alumni-relations at higher education and in fact, anyone that needs the support of others to get things done. 

Participants will understand the vital importance of body language, tone, and the choice of words when conveying their message.  Tools that work in the real world will be practiced and applied to assist with planning and structuring, as well as, opening and closing presentations. Participants will uncover proven best methods to run a meeting effectively and will practice how to positively influence a meeting that is being run by their boss, peer or colleague.

Through hands-on activities, role-play and real-world examples of best practices, Participants are inspired to implement what they’ve learned. This will provide immediate benefits to themselves and their organizations.

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This highly practical seminar helps supervisory managers develop a mindset, skillset and toolset to maximize the effectiveness of their organization’s most precious resource — their people.  Very few supervisory managers have received adequate training in this vital role, despite the fact that most employees leave organizations because of poor supervisory management.

Supervisory managers will better understand themselves by completing a self-assessment during the seminar.  Participants will identify when a certain style of supervisory management (i.e. autocratic, democratic or laissez-faire), may be necessary depending on the situation. Additionally, they will discuss and apply best practices to identify, set, monitor and achieve goals with their direct reports, that drive organizational performance and optimize professional development. 

Through a series of participative exercises, supervisory managers will sharpen their skillsets to better manage projects; reduce conflict and navigate through change. Participants will practice planning for an effective meeting and how to prepare and deliver impactful presentations. The seminar concludes with an engaging exercise to encourage the supervisory managers to consider the unique contribution they plan to make moving forward, to engage the hearts and minds of their direct reports to maximize organizational results.

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Consider the very best team that you were ever a part of... it might be the current work team that you contribute to. It may have been a few years ago now. It may well be a sports team you were involved with at school or college. What essential elements were in place that made these such good teams?

This seminar speaks directly to the essential elements that need to exist for any team to excel — (1) trust (2) mission, vision and values (3) synergy, or creative cooperation. Through a series of participative, practical and purposeful exercises Participants uncover how trust is the root; mission, vision and values are the vital branches and that creative synergy is the fruit that naturally yields from excellent teams.

We all know that teams can achieve much more than any lone individual. Teamwork is vital in today’s highly-competitive world — people working well together really do make a difference!

Consider any great organization in history or within the world of commerce today and you’ll find highly effective teams.

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Time management is still one of the most Googled professional development subjects today. Wouldn’t you think with all this technology and these planning systems we would have mastered the art of managing time by now? It seems not.

In this busy world where the noise seems to increase every day, it's vitally important that we’re clear on our highest priorities and that we manage our energy throughout the day; that we plan weekly and prioritize daily. We must execute best practices consistently to better manage emails, phones, interruptions, overcome procrastination, and be able to contribute to and run effective meetings. In short, we need to be more focused than ever.

This seminar is based on common sense approaches to common time management problems — methods that really work in today’s workplace. Participants will review case studies that amplify the dramatic impact of not managing time well and the whole-life benefits of managing this precious resource we call time.

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The Train-the-Trainer program is a highly participative full-day seminar designed to teach participants the skills and techniques to design, prepare and deliver highly engaging training.

During the seminar participants will identify different learning styles and understand the role of adult-learning theory. In addition, classroom management will be addressed outlining how group dynamics impact the design and delivery of a training session. Participants will discuss the difference between facilitation and presenting; identify the benefits of each and determine the best use of visual aids and tools for each course they deliver.

To ensure each participant is confident in implementing the key techniques covered during the day, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice new skills throughout the day which will include peer reviews and feedback from the facilitator.

By the end of the seminar, participants will have developed principle-based skills that can be quickly applied to ensure they deliver training that is highly impactful.

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Let’s be blunt — traditional work-life balance is a difficult proposition for executives to sponsor.  Why?  As it can often sound like personal enrichment and devoid of the daily duties.

At Newleaf Training and Development we believe we have an innovative view on this vitally important subject and that’s what we call, Work Life Balance 2.0 — a mindset and skillset that better aligns in today’s fast moving workplace.

Technology has been the primary driver that has blurred the lines between our “work life” and our “home life”.  In a global economy, someone, somewhere is always working.  Change is the only constant. People and organizations need to be more flexible in how work gets done, where it gets done and when it gets done.

Work Life Balance 2.0 is not so much about YOU — its about OTHERS, and how our lack of balance can adversely impact organizational results, our relationships with colleagues and ultimately the customer. We owe it to others to ensure we’re energized, present and fully engaged — an inside out approach.

Talented individuals don’t want to work for or with people who lack balance. There’s a war for talent and top organizations understand it's imperative to create policies, procedures and best practices to build a reputation of being a great place to work. This program helps achieve this new mindset and skillset.

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Survey Options: we can also help measure the Return on Expectation (ROE) from the training and development work we do for you, and can also measure employee engagement using Gallup’s Q12 and NPS methodologies.

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We utilize proven industry-leading assessment tools such as MBTI, DiSC and TKI:

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